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About Me

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Karen was born and raised in Hong Kong. In her education and training background in Music Therapy, Karen was trained extensively with the population of special needs in the school, private, and hospital setting. This includes carrying out Music Therapy programs for individuals with special needs. This includes but is not limited to the following:

- Individuals with Autism

- Individuals with ADHD

- Individuals with Down syndrome

- Individuals with hard of hearing or deaf

- Individuals with limited vision

- Individuals with developmental delays

Upon graduation, Karen continues to provide Music Therapy services to individuals with special needs. For example, individual music therapy sessions, handbells, and piano and guitar classes. In addition, Karen also pursued a certificate in Spiritual Direction. Karen is now in the process of acquiring additional skills in the ministry of Spiritual Direction. She is also in the process of completing the Master of Christian study from the Providence Theological Seminary in Manitoba. Karen desires to walk and enhance other relationships with God in whatever way she can, especially with individuals with special needs.

黎家琳女士生於香港。在香港完成了初中課程以後,黎女士在一九九六年誇國到加拿大繼續完成中學的課程。她於二零零六年拿到了蕰莎大學音樂治療學位,二零零七年獲加拿大音樂治療協會認証成為加拿大認可的音樂治療所,並於二零二壹年畢業於屬靈導引課程。黎女士現正進修屬靈導引事工的技巧及在神學院讀Master of Christian Study的課程.


畢業後,黎女土繼續為華人社區有特殊需要的人士提供音樂治療服務。服務範圍包括1:1音樂治療服務,手鈴班,綱琴班及結他班。黎女土亦有在教會帶領有特殊需要人士的組別, 亦通過組別來介紹及促進參與者和神的關係。

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